I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. In addition to traditional drawing and painting, I started coloring occasionally for stress relief in the evenings while working a demanding management position in the early 2000s. It was not a surprise to see the rest of the world fall in love with adult coloring books.

I have five of my own books published. The Coloring Gifts™ book series combines coloring for enjoyment with taking time to pause and reflect about positive things in our busy lives. Two volumes of the Coloring Gifts™ series are now available. The first book from my Vintage Grayscale Adult Coloring Book series, Arthur Rackham’s Fairies and Nymphs, is also available with a second volume in the works. I also have two Kaleidoscope books: a full size Simple Kaleidoscopes book with bold lines and larger spaces and also available as a half size Pocket Kaleidoscopes book with simple fun designs that can be finished in one sitting.

I’m a contributor and the cover artist for both editions of the Adult Coloring Book Treasury series and for the collective book Coloring for Daniel.

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