Pocket Kaleidoscopes: A Travel Size Mini Adult Coloring Book

Available on Amazon http://amzn.to/2yS00IN
This travel size book is perfect for taking with you to any place where you may have to wait. It makes the time fly by and the wait more pleasant. Its small size means you can usually finish coloring a page in one sitting. Also good for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients with attention span issues. Bold lines make the line art easy to see.
-Book includes 50 kaleidoscopes cut and rotated by hand from a hand-drawn image – a great coloring value!
-Bold, easy to see lines
-Top bound
-Printed single sided on bright white, 60 lb. paper
Perfect for taking with you to the mechanic, dentist, doctor’s office, children’s classes or sports practice, or any place you have to wait.
See a video showing all the pages in the book: https://youtu.be/6Um-9xbu4Vo
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Amazon US http://amzn.to/2yS00IN
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