Black Widow Coloring Pencils

I have been hearing about Black Widow pencils for a while, but being who I am I was skeptical about them, not sure they’d live up to the hype.  I recently received a set as a gift and am no longer skeptical.  Loved the vibrant colors, lots of pigment, and how easy they were to blend.  They are soft but not too soft.

I had to test drive these pencils when I received them, so I colored this page from my book Coloring Gifts: Gifts of Friendship.  I went a little crazy with the colors but I wanted to test as many pencils as I could.  This page is done with colors from the original Black Widow set.

Black Widow pencils are available in three sets of 24 pencils (the original Black Widows, a Scorpion set and a Cobra set), each set has different colors for a total of 72 colors as of today.   They are available on Amazon
Black widow pencils
Scorpion pencils
Cobra pencils
Black Widow Coloring Pencils

Coloring Gifts: Gifts of Friendship

Coloring Gifts: Gifts of Friendship

My newest book is now available for purchase.  Coloring Gifts: Gifts of Friendship celebrates friends in our lives.  It’s available on Amazon

This book has 24 full size hand drawn pages in a variety of styles and intricacy levels all celebrating friendship.  From formal to casual, serious to funny, there’s bound to be something for everyone in your circle.  In addition there are 24 craft size pages perfect for cards or to frame in a smaller frame.  There are also nine coordinating bookmarks to dash a quick but thoughtful gift.

The book also includes instructions to help you add special touches to your coloring gifts. And for those who pray or meditate, there are scriptures to aid in prayer while you color for a friend, and also includes a heart meditation that can be done for a friend so you can reap the health benefits of coloring and friendship.

See a video with all pages in the book: