The Colorist Palette Reference Book

Colorist Palette Reference Book - Test and Chart Your Favorite Color CombinationsI was working on a coloring page recently and concerned about adding a new color to the page because it could clash with the others. I did some thinking after the page was done and came up with an idea for a new book, I haven’t seen anything like it but I think it’d be a useful tool to have. The Colorist Palette Reference Book. This book works as:
– a place to keep track of your favorite color combinations
– to test drive new media
– to help you remember what supplies you were using if you have to pack them up and put them away before you finish coloring a page
– to test and practice new techniques before you work on a coloring page
– to experiment with new palettes to see if the colors play together nicely
– to keep track of colors you used for a coloring page
Colorist Palette Reference Book Test and Chart Your Favorite Color CombinationsThe book itself has 48 full size pages in 12 different designs. There is a small simple picture on the top half of each page and the bottom has space for swatches for either color and/or media that you are using or blending or notes. The image does not have to be colored fully, it’s just there to see how the colors go together or for you to try new techniques. There is blank space too for notes about which coloring page you used the particular palette, media, or technique on. It came out of my own needs as a colorist, so hope it will be useful!
I have posted a thumbnail of the cover, a sample page, and finally a thumbnail with all the designs in the book.
It’s now available on Amazon,  Amazon UK, all other Amazons and will soon be available with free worldwide shipping via Book Depository. Let me know what you think!
Colorist Palette Reference Book - Test and Chart Your Favorite Color Combinations

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