Jody Ann Savage: In Memoriam

We lost a lovely colorist today, Jody Ann Savage.  Jody was talented and a beautiful person both inside and out.  These are some of her colored pages from my books.  Jody loved coloring mandalas.  I have made a mandala coloring page in her honor, it is available for download at the bottom of this page.   Jody Savage In Memoriam – Download PDF File
Jody Savage In Memoriam – Download JPG file

3 thoughts on “Jody Ann Savage: In Memoriam

  1. Jean Anderson says:

    I had just became aware of Jody the week before she came down with the flu. I felt she would be a good friend. I loved her art and the pictures of her-cat and the sky pictures.
    I was heart broken that she left so quickly. It shook me up. I know she was a wonderful person and friend.
    You are missed by those that you did not know but we loved you and your beautiful art.


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