Electronic Subscriptions Via Patreon and Gumroad

I have been listening to feedback and have been working on increasing access to electronic downloads.  I have finished setting up Subscriptions and also Patreon to make some of my pages more easily available via electronic downloads (Patreon is a subscription service where you sign up to receive different rewards from artists.) All coloring pages are never before published, they won’t be available for sale until later when they are published in a book. Everyone who joins my Patreon at any tier level by August 14 will receive 3 additional bonus coloring pages. https://www.patreon.com/ColoringPress
If the tiers don’t work for you, or Patreon is not your thing, I have added subscriptions to several of the genres I offer in my electronic downloads shop, so you can pick and choose your favorites to print on your choice of paper. https://gumroad.com/ColoringGifts
I hope this helps make electronic downloads more available and a better value for everyone! I’d love to hear any feedback you have!
Here is some additional information:

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