Simple Mandalas and Pocket Mandalas

Pocket Mandalas: A Travel Size Mini Adult Coloring BookSimple Kaleidoscopes and Pocket Kaleidoscopes now have their respective volume 2 books:
Simple Mandalas: Easy to Color Designs
Pocket Mandalas: A Travel Size Mini Adult Coloring Book

These books have 50 hand drawn mandalas that are simple, with bold lines and larger spaces, but they are anything but boring!   They are perfect for days when you don’t feel like facing an intricate coloring page or want room to do some shading and blending.  The travel size book is perfect for taking with you any place you have to wait.  The travel size book is top bound so both left handed and right handed colorists can easily reach the page, and they are printed single sided to allow for the use of markers (slip a couple pieces of paper or a piece of cardstock behind the page you are working on to avoid bleed through to other pages.

Simple Mandalas is also available worldwide with free shipping form Book Depository
Here are thumbnails showing all pages in the book

Simple Mandalas Coloring Book Thumbnails

Simple Mandalas Adult Coloring Book ThumbnailsSimple Mandalas - Easy to Color Deisgns Adult Coloring Book

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