Colorist Showcase: Paula Bowerman

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a coloring book author is seeing colorists put so much talent into coloring the pages I publish.  It truly adds meaning to the work I do and I wanted to share some of this wonderful work I see, so I will be featuring colorists on this blog on a regular basis in my Colorist Showcase series.  Today’s featured colorist is Paula Bowerman.  She is a prolific colorist who is talented in choosing bright, cheerful palettes to really make her colored pages stand out in the crowd.  Her colored pages are so bright and cheery.  I was happy when she agreed to share about her coloring with us.

Coloring Gifts: Gifts of EncouragementHow did you get into coloring?
I have always coloured before it became acceptable for adults to colour . I would just colour from children’s books ! I just got more into it when Art Therapy magazine came out and yes I’m still collecting it ! We are at issue 1110 now !

What are your main reasons for coloring?
Main reasons for colouring are enjoyment ! I just love colouring !

Bevalet's Hummingbirds and Flowers Adult Coloring bookWhat are some of your favorite genres/types of coloring books/pages to color?
My favourite genres to colour are animals! I like fantasy and mythical too!

Do you have any favorite supplies/tools?
I really like using my Stabilo 68 pens and other markers . I have lots of different pencils but prefer pens so much easier to colour with in my opinion!

Are there any coloring techniques that you have recently learned or that you’re particularly excited about?
I tend to stick to 3 colours in most of my pictures , I find it very difficult to put loads of different colours on my pages !

Coloring Gifts: Gifts of Thanks Adult Coloring BookDo you have any particular colors/palettes you like to use when you color?
Blue tends to be a colour I use a lot of and red !

Are there any supplies or techniques you would like to try someday?
I would love to try copic markers one day but I’ll need to win the lottery for that lol.

Do you prefer to color in coloring books or print out your pages? If so, do you have any particular paper you prefer?
Much prefer colouring in my books than on loose sheets. I never take any pages out of my books either !

Coloring Gifts: Gifts of EncouragementDo you have any tips or advice to anyone who just discovered Adult Coloring?
To people just discovering colouring don’t stress over it , just get a pen and start colouring , it’s supposed to be fun and relaxing ! Enjoy ! Join some Facebook colouring groups , you’ll meet some lovely people on there who give out good advice !

Thank you so much again Paula, I appreciate learning more about you and your coloring.  Stay tuned for more featured colorists in future blog entries!

Coloring Gifts: Gifts of Thanks Adult Coloring Book


2 thoughts on “Colorist Showcase: Paula Bowerman

  1. Cindy Nation says:

    Beautiful work Paula! Thank you for sharing your talent with us and for allowing us to learn a bit more about you.


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